The Jewel of Downtown LA

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 78

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photos taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own images with an up or down perspective.


The Eastern Columbia Building in downtown LA is a thirteen-storey building on S. Broadway in the historic Theatre District.  It is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Los Angeles’s historic buildings, as well as its finest surviving example of Art Deco architecture.


This beautiful building was designed by Claud Beelman and opened as a retail centre for the Eastern Outfitting and Columbia Outfitting Companies in 1930. The department stores closed in 1957, after which the building was used for office space.  Fortunately, it changed hands in 2004 and was renovated into the current condominium space.


It is impossible to walk past its glimmering turquoise terracotta tiled exterior without admiration.  The vertical columns and copper panels draw the eye upwards towards the towering clock high above.  The clock tower boldly displays the name “Eastern” in neon and is crowned with a central smokestack surrounded by four stylized flying buttresses. The façade is embellished with sunburst patterns, geometric shapes, zigzags, chevrons and stylized animal and plant shapes.


Eastern Building
849 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90014


The Challenge

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Welcome to week 78 and a huge thank you to all who participated last week.  An what were the highlights for me? Well, it was hard to pick, but the intriguing facade of the hotel in Barcelona has stuck in mind, so many thanks to Viaja2 for sharing with us.

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Posted by Debbie Smyth, February 2015aDSC_0636_pp

20 thoughts on “The Jewel of Downtown LA

  1. I’ve gotta say, you have a real eye for buildings – I can’t remember if I ever passed this one, but It’s certainly worth getting the angles you shot – thanks for giving me a new appreciation for downtown:):)


  2. It is a very impressive and beautiful building . I love the architecture and I would love to meet you.
    Thank you very much to name my photo last week . It is true that the hotel has a compelling and original facades with a beautiful vertical garden.
    This week will surely not be able to participate in the challenge because I filled the blog multimedia file and not allow me to use the photos. I have no idea how to do to solve the problem, could you help me ?
    Thank you very much .
    Greetings .


    1. Oh dear, if it is full you have to pay to get some extra space.

      The other option is to compress your photos if you don’t do that already. I reduce the size of all my photos now: they look fine on the blog and it prevents people using them without your permission as they are too small to print. Most photo editing packages will do this for you. I do mine through Picasa which is free. Open your photo in Picasa and click , then select and enter 640 in the pixels box. Then enter. Use the resulting image to upload to your blog. if you go back and replace some of your images with compressed versions it will save you quite a bit of space and you’ll be up and working again soon.
      Good luck!


      1. Oh Debbie, if some things do not know what you’re talking about!
        Do not compress the photos, not how to do it and did not know it was better compress for use in the blog.
        Picasa And I heard, but not as used.
        Sorry, but I’m a very backward pupil.
        I really find it a problem to pay for more space and in time would also be filled and if not, would be very expensive.
        I was told to open another blog, but it seems that this photo is not only the link, is it? Would
        I will try with all the information that you have given me figure out something.
        Thank you very much for all your interest, you are very kind.


      2. Debbie , I took your advice and have begun to compress a photo, I have not been able to do it with Picasa, but with another free program that told me my daughter, but in the blog the photos look smaller and only look good doing a gallery or alone. But that you put in your blog are large and very well .
        I also made a new blog, but still do not know how to use linked to the former .
        Thank You.


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