17 thoughts on “Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Zagreb is full of them too, and there is a new kind of “sport”. Some kids jump roofs of tall old buildings in the centre of the town and while they are at it, they spray the facades too. I would so wish they stopped. We don’t have fire escape stairs as in your photo and the buildings they spray are much nice from the 19th century, but in your photo I don’t object to this scribbling.


  2. Is this from the last time in LA or did you go again? Great pic of graffiti, but I do feel sorry for the people living in this street (or complex). Have a great week!


    1. From last year. Though I’d love to get back there. The area had already undergone a huge change and Im sure it will soon be a very expensive place to live. If I get back sometime soon I will definitely stay there again. There were some poor people around but it didn’t look to worrying an area. That might be the biggest concern in fact – where will they be moved to as the area gets upgraded?

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      1. Your question is one of the weak areas of the USA. People live from week to week. Not many provisions if you are not smart. Very easy here to become homeless:(


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