Food on the Brain?

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Actually, it was brain in the food!

This was one of the many, many highlights of the Istanbul at Dawn Workshop that I went on last April.  In fact this is the leader, Anthony Epes, tasting the brain that had just been chopped up for us.  I have to say though, this eating event was a highlight for me because I didn’t eat the brain!

If any of you fancy a photography trip yourselves this year, do go and check out his website – I know he still has a few places on London, Venice and Istanbul, and I can’t recommend them highly enough (I have done each one of those myself).

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 4 February 2016



12 thoughts on “Food on the Brain?

  1. It was awful. But like Debbie said it’s hard to refuse someone who is being so kind, though I was I had. I’ll never forget how it stuck itself to my palette so I had to scape it off with my tongue. I’m one sensitive to texture with my food and this was an overly creamy experience I’ll never forget. Mmm.Yuck


    1. I think given your health problems over the years you are very wise, Cee!
      Anthony wasn’t really into that kind of thing either, but the people in Istanbul are so nice it’s hard to disappoint them


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