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Western light


Kermorvan Lighthouse,  Brittany,  September 2016

The square-shaped lighthouse at Kermorvan was built in 1849. Located at the extreme tip of the Pointe de Kermorvan, which protects the north side of the harbor of Le Conquet, it is the most westerly lighthouse on the French mainland.


The lighthouse still operates but is under remote control from Brest.  The tower is not open to visitors but there are great views from the coastline and from the  ferries to the Île d’Ouessant.


cadet blueHex colour ref:  b0b7c6

A colourful note:  there are two cadet colours out there, cadet grey and cadet blue.  Cadet grey was originally used as a name for a type of military issue uniform, in this grey blue colour, but for me is more the colour of north European sky.

Cadet blue is normally a more blue-green colour, but is the name of the grey-blue Crayola crayon that joined their ranks as part of the comprehensive 64 box in 1958.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 March 2017

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