Fishy past



You can now obtain traditional Portuguese sardines in olive oil, but with a trace of the past!

This tasty tradition is recognised in a colourful fashion, with tins bearing dates back to 1916.  Each decade flaunts its own bright colour, and whilst the food inside the tin does not date back to the year it proclaims, this is a fun way to celebrate the past.

To participate, visit the Mundo fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa in Lisbon’s Rossio Square.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 May 2017

Posted as part of  Traces of the Past

17 thoughts on “Fishy past

    1. Let’s hope WordPress aren’t suffering from any of the current hacking problems!
      Thanks for the warning Paula. I’m just on my way home from Lisbon and will do a good check when I get home.


        1. I stayed in Bairro Alto. A great small hotel (Casa das Janelas com Vista) in a slowly up and coming area. An easy walk (if you don’t count the hill-related effort!) to Jardim de Principe Real (a new find for me and I loved the coffee shop in the gardens, the design shops and the eating/drinking places) and Restauradores, etc.



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