Lumiere in London


An unusual circus close to Kings Cross,  London,  January 2016

The Lumiere light festival is a wonderful event that is organised by Artichoke, a leading arts charity.   Their projects take place outside of traditional arts venues, enabling artists to achieve extraordinary exhibitions that are brought directly to the people.  One of Artichoke’s recent events was the burning of a 140m long model of 17th century London on the Thames to marking the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

Their Lumiere event made its entrance in Durham and has made four appearances there so far, returning again later this year (16-19 November 2017).

I didn’t manage to get up there in 2015, despite initial plans, but good fortune stepped in and Lumiere made its first appearance in London in January 2016.  Stunning light displays popped up all over the city and it took me two very cold evenings to walk the streets and see most of what was offered. It has just been announced that it will be back in the capital in January 2018, though I am hoping to visit the Durham version this time.

It was very hard to capture on camera as the displays are ever-changing, the crowds are huge and an extremely high ISO is needed.  A tripod is completely impractical but I think a monopod will accompany next time.  The shots below were taken mainly at ISO 25600 so some editing has been required!

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Copyright Debbie Smyth, 22 July 2017


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