St Albans in black and white

Here’s a very quick tour around St Albans – a beautiful city just outside London, with a long and interesting history, mixed with attractive nature and some comfortable places to relax, eat and drink.

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Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 February 2018

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17 thoughts on “St Albans in black and white

  1. It doesn’t feature high on to do lists I don’t think but it should be. There are great Roman remains and the beautiful Abbey
    However, the traffic and parking are already a nightmare so I don’t want to encourage visits by car!


  2. Brrr not sure I like the winter scene!!! Too cold for me.

    Do you know I cannot recall if I have ever been to St Albans, your lovely photographs are stirring no memories so I guess not 😦

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  3. Those trees are amazing! Great snow photo Debbie. I was thinking whether I have ever been to St Albans and have a vague idea that my second hubby and I may have been there to look for a house to rent waaaay back in 1979 when he got a job in London. I can’t remember anything about the city though.

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    1. It’s a good spot for commuting into London so it could well have been here.
      I expect it was a quieter place back then , but that’s long before I moved here (in fact, I’ve only been living here for about 3 years)

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