A wordy trip around Vietnam

Paula has given us some terrific words in her Pick-a-Word challenge this week, words that will take us on a speedy trip around Vietnam. This is a country of immense physical beauty, welcoming people, tempting food and wine and an intriguing and often poignant history.

Halong BayDSC0987220170927-1
Dawning  –  Halong Bay, Vietnam, September 2017


Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk


Buddhism and Catholicism coalesce at Phát Diệm Cathedral, Ninh Banh Province, Vietnam, September 2017


Verdant rice paddies in northern Vietnam,  September 2017


Sempiternal beauty – sunset in northern Vietnam, September 2017



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 April 2018


16 thoughts on “A wordy trip around Vietnam

  1. This post has wowed me: to find this example for “coalesce” is pretty amazing, your “dawning” is a beauty and your verdant fields truly gorgeous. Well done, Debbie!


  2. LOVE this post – artsy and varied and the coffee condensed take is my fav – not just I like coffee – the table – the streaks – the melted cubes – the mood – the layers the leftover feeling – such a moody picture makes me want to write


  3. Masterfully done, Debs. Paula will be impressed. 🙂 🙂 I didn’t expect to find condensed milk here, though it was part of my staple diet when I was a child. Dawning, verdant and sempiternal are stunning.


    1. Thanks Jo Evaporated milk was my staple diet! I was bottle fed with that as the doctor told my mum it was better than breast-feeding! I can see that it was a common back in 50s and 60s. And evaporated milk, banana and sugar was a common treat when i was young.



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