“Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”
– Albert Einstein

I’m back again with my weekly quotation-inspired image.

If the quote inspires a pictorial or wordy post from you, do feel free to link in or to pop your URL in the comments.


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  7 March 2019

19 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. A wonderful long exposure shot, Debbie. – Where did you find this Einstein quote if I may ask. I always check quotes (having been burned too often with internet references) and I could neither confirm nor debunk Einstein as the source. Don’t tell me you actually used something as old fashioned as a book? 😉

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      1. It does seem true – I found it in a few different wordings on different websites, including brainy quote and the Daily Telegraph. Thank goodness – I didn’t want to have to throw those words away 🙂


      1. Is that near th Doge’s Palace, or St Mark’s Square? Yonks since I ‘be been to Venice…..the gentle lapping of the water on those Gondolas must be very relaxing, at the crack of dawn!

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        1. Yes. Looking out from St Mark’s square, this is a little to the left. Gazing out towards San Giorgio. I’ll share a more revealing view when i get time to review and edit more photos 🙂

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