9 thoughts on “London street life

  1. Such an interesting locale. We have a local Italian cafe called “Brick Lane” so, naturally I checked out the original last time I was in London. After a lot of walking, I finished up at the Geffrye Museum.


  2. Where I grew up. I would say that to my time in the fifties and early sixties, there was more a jewish presence. The commonwealth immigrants were there, but not so noticeable. Sunday morning down the lane with my dad was an unforgettable experience, with a glass of sarspararillea from a stand (probably the predecessor of the coke). Buying old 78 rpm records, 4 for two shillings (old currency) as well as comic books which were very cheap. Today it would all be computer etc. but when I was younger it was the real thing. I is different today, but still has its East End character. I wonder if they still speak cockney. That was the language I grew up with and still my mother tongue.

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      1. I had to laugh, that was good. My dad would use more of the cockney phrases than I did. It wasn’t really the ideal accent in a grammar school in the City of London to speak, but it stays. One of my favourite soaps on the TV is East Enders


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