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I’m a fan of DANK

Logo of street artist DANK
Night street scene mural on brick wall in Rochford

A recent mural by Dan Kitchener (aka DANK) in his home town of Rochford, Essex
Mural 6 – Lockdown sessions

This classic Dan Kitchener mural really grabs the attention of passers by, whether they are popping into the local shops or driving past. I’m a big fan of this British artist, and this of you follow my street art travels and posts will have seen his work popping up from London, Belfast and Hong Kong. And I can assure you he travels and paints more widely than me.

He created this particular street scene as part of his lockdown project, where he created 12 murals, one per week, whilst confined to his studio. By week 6, things were relaxed enough for him to go out onto his local streets and work on this – a perfect socially-distanced work that now brightens the life of all around.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 23 June 2020

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  1. Wow, one mural a week, that is fantastic! Love the wet look, it really feels quite real.
    Thanks for participating on Monday Murals Debbie.


  2. The edgy sort-of realistic art is a welcome treat in a large mural! Very nice photos of it.

    be well… mae at


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