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Kinda excellent

Parchment Street, Winchester, October 2020

October has been yet another excellent month of squares, with kindness added to our creativity. Huge thanks as ever to Becky, for the idea and for her tremendous hosting.

I thought I’d end the month with another look at her excellent home town, Winchester.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful historic city, you can participate belatedly in its Heritage Open Days, thanks to good old YouTube and, of course, Becky and her co-coordinator.

I needed some music to see us through the final day and just couldn’t resist featuring the Winchester Cathedral song again, but this time performed by Frank Sinatra.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 31 October 2020

Posted as part of KindaSquare

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  1. Nice one……. it also made me realise that is so long that I was last in Winchester (as opposed to rushing by on the bypass) that I cannot recall just how long. After all this CV19 trauma I will need to rectify that omission 🙂


  2. Really bizarre I left another comment about Parchment Street and a dragon – but cannot see it?!! Have I been sent to spam for making too many comments 😦

    Fabulous music, he sings good 🙂

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  3. ah I love parchment Street, it the street I always walk along to get into town and of course there’s a great bookshop just around the corner!

    Now the question is can you see the dragon in this picture?!! It’s been there a long time


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