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Puzzling Windows

This shop window on Ile Saint-Louis looked pretty in the Spring sunshine, with its well-known art works and interesting reflections. It is actually a shop specialising in jigsaw puzzles, shelf upon […]

Shadow Play

I couldn’t help but smile at this – the sun makes playful shadows on the hoardings around a renovation site on Île Saint–Louis.  It reminded me of the hand shadows my dad […]

A Beret French Topping

In actual fact, you’re not likely to see many French people wearing berets.  But if you fancy one as a souvenir you’ll spot plenty in the tourist shops around Paris. There […]

Bollards to Match!

This intricate black and white design adorns a shop front in Le Marais area of Paris. At first glance I thought it was a temporary decoration, but the time and […]

Pink Windows

Following on from last week’s Black Holes, I thought I’d go with the colour pink this week. From Madrid: From Montmartre: From the English seaside resort of Margate: And finally, […]
Pink Windows