Challenge and Theme Updates

I currently run two weekly challenges:

  • Six Word Saturday  –  many thanks to Cate at Show My Face for creating this challenge and running it for 421 weeks!  She has taken a break and I have very happily taken on the hosting of this challenge.
    So please come and join us on a Saturday, with a post containing just 6 words.  Ok, I admit that many of us openly break that rule and share far more words (all excellent of course!) so the key rule is to have a title of six words – and then feel free to create the post that you want!
  • One Word Sunday – I have been running this challenge since October 2016, when I kicked it off with a smile.  Each week I post one word and an image to show my interpretation of that word.  Then over to all of you to link in with your own interpretation – as prosaic or as imaginative as you wish.

Forthcoming One Words:
20 May:               Where?    (current)
27 May:               Angle
3 June:                Oojamaflip  


To participate in these challenges, please create a link from your post to the URL of my post – this will create a pingback.  Then pop over and leave a comment at the bottom of my post.  That way, we can all easily visit and enjoy the other participants’ posts.

Previous One Word Sundays are here.

Happy Blogging everyone!