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Challenge and Theme Updates

I currently run three weekly challenges:

  • Six Word Saturday  –  I took on the hosting of this fun challenge from Cate at Show My Face in April 2017 and the Saturday challenge is more popular than ever. Newcomers and occasional participants are always welcome – so please come and join us with a post containing just 6 words.  Ok, I admit that many of us openly break that rule and share far more words (all excellent of course!) so the key rule is to have a title of six words – and then feel free to create the post that you want! It’s a great way to kick off the weekend.

    Previous Six Word Saturdays are here

  • One Word Sunday – I have been running this challenge since October 2016, when I kicked it off with a smile.  Each week I post one word (occasionally I give a choice) and an image to show my interpretation of that word.  Then over to all of you to link in with your own interpretation – as prosaic or as imaginative as you wish. And if you’re not into images, feel free to give us some words.

Forthcoming One Words:

19 September:              Closed         (current)

26 September:              Open

3 October:                       Rain

10 October:                      Art

17 October:                      Seasonal


Previous One Word Sundays are here.


  • Quotation Wednesday – on a Wednesday, I pick a quotation, often travel or photography-related, and show some or all of its story in an image.  If the words inspire you too, do link in a matching verbal or image post. Your participation is much appreciated. Previous Quotation Wednesdays are here.

To participate in any of these challenges, please create a link from your post to the URL of my post – this will create a pingback.  Then pop over and leave a comment at the bottom of my post.  That way, we can all easily visit and enjoy the other participants’ posts.

Happy Blogging everyone!

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