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What a Carrillon

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 48 Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photo(s) taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an […]
What a Carrillon

Orange Pillars from a Former Bridge

Standing between Blackfriars Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge, you can still see the orange relics of the original 1864 railway bridge.  No matter that there is no bridge above, these pillars […]

Reflective Constructions

There’s a lot of building work going on at Waterloo Station, as they bring the old international platforms back into use.  The Eurostar used to depart from here before it […]

Early Morning on the Thames

…well, fairly early! It is wonderful to see the sun in London, but the tube becomes unbearable in the heat.  The buses aren’t much better, though you can at least […]