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Blue Doors in Marseille

I love the feel and the architecture of Marseille and its old streets.  Its mix of cultures, bridging the Mediterranean and North Africa, is reflected in its people its buildings […]

Shaded Street

The narrow streets of Marseille provide a welcome shaded respite from the heat of summer; the strong shadows provide interest for the eye. Linked to Shadow Shot Sunday.

Pink Graffiti

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has plenty of spectacular graffiti, though a lot of it is hidden during the day because it is on raised shop shutters.  I was there on August […]
Pink Graffiti

Kyoto Tower Reflected

Kyoto Tower (京都タワー), an 800-ton steel observation tower, is the tallest structure in Kyoto.  The observation deck perches 100 metres above ground and its spire reaches to 131 metres, with the first part of the […]