Barbie at Christmas


Following on from last week’s Thanksgiving Windows, I now bring you Christmas Windows.

As always, Selfridges in London have produced some spectacular displays, one of which is a giant dolls house that is home to Barbie and friends.


Linked to Lingering Look at Windows.

13 thoughts on “Barbie at Christmas

  1. OMG I was trying to keep that stum. Especially the bedroom scene. They didn’t even give me enough time to fix my bed hair. And now you know my skiing abilities are nil as well – woe.

    Need to got my camera down there. One must have a personal scrap book. Blast I was so close today hob knobbing it in Liberty tout seul.


  2. Aww, sweet, Debbie! 🙂
    Mildly annoyed because I prepared a “looking up/down” for you this week but I seem to’ve lost it in the WP ether! Still got the photos in my media library though so I’ll reconstruct asap.


    1. That is annoying. Have you done a search on all posts? I’ve lost a couple of posts and then found then they published as though posted months before! My sympathies if you don’t find it!


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