On Cloud Nine

I am both a tea and a coffee drinker, so Istanbul was my kind of place; strong, Turkish coffee scents the air, and men dash to and fro carrying trays of hot, black tea.  I was on a beverage-laden cloud nine.

I had planned to do a coffee tour, visiting some old, traditional coffee shops and learning to make coffee the Turkish way.  However, this is clearly a popular activity for tourists and the tour was full on the only day I  was free.

So that day I went for a long walk instead.  By mid afternoon I was in need of a caffeine break.  First I stopped at a small coffee shop.  Actually that is a bit of an exaggeration, in reality it was just someone’s front room plus a couple of tables outside. I sat inside for a while watching an afternoon soap with the proprietor, before moving outside for a spot of fresh air and a bit of people watching.


Continuing my exploration, I discovered a real piece of cloud nine – just look at these home-made cakes.


I had a slice of the semolina and bitter orange cake – moist with just the right mix of bitter and sweet.  Just for a change, I remembered to take a photo before I scoffed the lot.


The setting was very pink and very “English teashop”.


And the name of this place?

Very appropriate, I’m sure you’ll agree:


Cloud Nine Patisserie, Lüleci Hendek Caddesi 46A, Galata, Istanbul

Linked to Pink Saturday.

15 thoughts on “On Cloud Nine

  1. So dainty… I will be going to Istanbul and Greece in June… I can’t wait… I will be there for a day… I don’t think that is enough time, but I will try to capture the beauty in a day…


    1. The Old Town (Blue Mosque, Aghia Sofia) is quite compact – perhaps a guided walking tour there in the morning, and then perhaps the afternoon in the New Town (Taksim Square, main shopping street, Galata Tower and handicrafts in narrow streets around Tower) Whatever you do, enjoy!


  2. Oh, and this tea-shop was in Istanbul!?! It really looks very BRITISH! I loved to see Cloud Nine and to get to know you blog – I love to travel, too! Hugs from Austria & Happy P.S., Traude


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