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The Banks of the Clyde

Grab your warm clothes and comfy shoes and come walk with me.  There’s a map of the route at the end of the post; the numbers in brackets in the text coincide with the circled numbers on the map.

From the window of my hotel close to Glasgow Central Station, the sun and blue sky beckoned and I succumbed to their call.  Grabbing my camera, I wandered down Oswald Street to the banks of the Clyde at the King George V Bridge (1).


Between King George V Bridge and Rail Bridge

From here I ducked under the bridges and took the empty and windswept river path.  As my extremities slowly turned numb, I understood why I was the sole waterside walker.  With sun shining invitingly on the other side of the Clyde (2), I didn’t regret my choice.  Though soon, I did regret being fooled by the enticing view from my warm room – I had come out without hat and gloves.


I was soon at my favourite Clyde bridge, the Carlton Place (or South Portland Street) Suspension Bridge (3).


This elegant footbridge dates back to the 1850s, though it has undergone a few renovations in its time.  Its major claim to fame is its appearance as a Moscow river crossing in the 1983 television film, An Englishman Abroad, in which Alan Bates played the spy Guy Burgess.


The blue sky was gradually gave way to grey and I picked up speed to keep warm.  At least there is no getting lost on a walk like this, so I didn’t need moving fingers to operate a map (4).


On the far side of the river, between Victoria Bridge (carrying Gorbals Street) and St Enoch Viaduct, the few remaining sun rays glinted on the dome of Glasgow Central Mosque (5).


Passing under the viaduct, I reached the Albert Bridge.  I turned onto the bridge to get a view back to town (6).


I had intended to walk as far as the Peoples Palace in the Winter Gardens, but at this point the rain started and I decided to head back to town, and don a few more layers of clothing. I had every intention of returning to the river later in the day to walk in the other direction, but the rain turned to hail and coffee shops and museums won me over.

I will definitely  be back to walk some more in the summer – hopefully, you’ll come with me.


Linked to Jo’s Monday Walks.

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    • Glad you like the map! I wanted to put maps with all my walks – which resulted in them not getting posted until now 😦

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