Sidford to Sidmouth

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days down on the Devon coast with a group of friends, and their dogs.  The weather was incredibly kind, so leisurely walks provided our entertainment.

The seafront at Sidmouth is very enticing, but don’t dash there too quickly as there is pleasant strolling before that along the River Sid.

River Sid,  Devon,  October 2017

Try starting out from Sidford, from where the Byes Riverside Park Walk will take you about 2km to the old Toll House, which dates back to the early nineteenth century.  It must have had a few coats of paint since then as it looks very smart in its green and white.


This brings you out onto the Salford Road.   A right and an immediate left turn will head you down towards the beach, crossing a small bridge over a ford and onto Mill Street.


The beach will now be calling to you.


Turn right and you can enjoy both the stony beach and the pleasant beachside promenade, followed by the red rocks of the coastal path.

After this 2.5 mile walk, you deserve a break.  So put some good energy into climbing the steps of Jacob’s Ladder, where you can chill on a comfortable bench, enjoy the views and maybe indulge in something sweet and highly edible.

Jacob’s Ladder,  Sidmouth,  October 2017

Once refreshed, it’s over to you to meander your way back.  At this time of year, even a mid-afternoon return could bring you a change of colour and light for a delightful return walk.


Happy wandering!


And here’s a little Google map to put the route in context.


Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 15.38.47



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 20 November 2017

Posted as part of Monday Walks

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