Atlas on high


Atlas and Fortuna at Punta della Dogana,  Venice,  December 2017

Atlas was the Titan warrior who led his people against the Olympian gods.  The Titans lost the battle resulting in Atlas being condemned by Zeus to hold up the sky for eternity.  Atlas was also the Titan god of astronomy and navigation, so there is a certain irony that he was required to ascend high enough to hold the sky on his shoulders.

The two squatting Atlases above Punta della Dogana wield a golden ball, whilst Fortuna, the goddess of good luck, balances atop, spinning in the wind.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 December 2017

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9 thoughts on “Atlas on high

  1. That’s an amazing sculpture, and you show great detail in your first photo. You must have been on a level with it to catch it so clearly!

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    1. I was actually down below but managed a good angle without falling into the canal!
      I thought the same as you when I was editing and thought I must have taken it from a roof top, but that wasn’t the case


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