Let’s Celebrate International Day of Peace

Tomorrow is World Peace Day.


The International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, is observed every year (since 1982) on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence.

To inaugurate the day, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at the UN Headquarters (in New York City). The bell is cast from coins donated by children from all continents except Africa, and the inscription on its side reads, “Long live absolute world peace”.

The mosaics below are on benches that stand outside the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.

aDSC00768 aDSC00770

Here’s to enduring peace.

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Back in Paris for the Weekend


Ofr Bookshop, 20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, Le Marais


Part of Six Word Saturday.


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Symbol of Enduring Love


Love padlocks on Pont de l’Archevêché, Paris

Ironically, these tokens of lasting love endanger the endurance of the bridge itself.


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Iconic Pickle


London’s Gherkin Up Close

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Modern Reflection



Modern building becomes Modern Art.

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Music or Noise?


A Contraluz, Esplanade J4, Marseille, September 2014

At the end of our short break in Marseille, my daughter and I booked what we thought would be a peaceful meal at the rooftop restaurant at Mucem, where we could enjoy the night views.

The restaurant did warn us that there may be some noise disturbance from the house music festival below, but we decided to go ahead.  It wasn’t an issue, in fact it just gave us something to look at in addition to the beautiful views.  It’s not my type of music at all, but it’s the closest I’m likely to get to such a gig so I made the most of it!



So, music or noise? While we were inside, all I could hear was muffled noise and a repetitive beat, but once we were outside there really was music too.  I wouldn’t be rushing back, mind you.

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Something Fishy


Early morning fish market on Quai des Belges, Marseille


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