Morning Inspiration

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Inspirational view from my Singapore hotel bed!

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Just What the Scottish Doctor Ordered

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Part of Six Word Saturday.
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Photo Shoot in Kampong Glam

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Singapore Reflection

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Edinburgh Sky

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Edinburgh Castle as dusk approaches

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Ship ahigh!

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-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 99

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photos taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own images with an up or down perspective.


I am back from Singapore and late with my weekly challenge – here it is at last!

This week, I’m sharing a Singapore icon with you.  It may only be a recent addition to this city of high rise buildings and striking architecture, but it has most definitely captured the public imagination.

Opened in 2010, this massive structure, with a massive budget to match, comprises a hotel, casino, shopping mall, museum, infinity pool, observation deck, gardens, boardwalk and museum.  Its design, a kind of 3-legged pi with a curved ship on top, makes it instantly recognisable.  In fact, this is the building that features in the Banda Street murals.

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The three 55-storey hotel towers support a 2.5-acre SkyPark. This “ship” floats  200 meters above the sea and cantilevers 65 meters beyond the towers.

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Looking down

If you are staying in the hotel you can enjoy a dizzying infinity pool and gardens.  Even if you are not a guest, you can visit the bar and observation deck where you’ll be rewarded with wonderful views across the bay.

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Looking up

a1_20150719__DSC1135_6000 x 4000

and up again


The Challenge

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Welcome to week 99 and a huge thank you to all who participated last week.

All are welcome to join this challenge; do please share your up or down perspective with us.  Simply create your own post as normal, create a link to this challenge and click above to enter your link and view other entries.  If you have any difficulties with the linky, please just leave your link in a comment below and I will upload your thumbnail.

Finally, please don’t forget to go and visit the other challengers and pass on your views and encouragement.

To find out more about how to enter, click here.  The linky list will open each Thursday at 00:01 GMT (or a bit before) and will normally be open for one week. 

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Liquid Gold

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The Raffles Hotel provides a cool and airy break from the heat and humidity outside.

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The Long Bar is a welcome and welcoming pitstop for the weary tourist and it seems only right to try out a Singapore Sling – this is its birthplace after all.  Not only that, but 2015 is the famous drink’s 100th birthday.  Invented to enable ladies to drink in public, it is now a popular refreshment around the world.

So grab a high seat at the bar, choose your poison (there are several versions of the Sling alone), munch on some monkey nuts and chill.  And wish your drink a very Happy Birthday!

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