Grand Sky

a1_20151118_20151118_untitled_024_6000 x 4000-2

After an initial wet and grey day last week, I was treated by a gorgeous sunny afternoon in Brussel’s Grande Place.

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Commit No Nuisance

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A commanding tiny door at St Alban’s Clock Tower

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Flying High

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a1_20150522_20150522__DSC8251_6000 x 4000

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Pee-ping through the Fence

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Often dressed, but not today, the Manneken Pis

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Golden Jubilee Bridges

a1_20151031_20151031_LondonRiver_122_6000 x 4000

These attractive bridges have great views up and down the river, but if you want to see everything you need to walk across and back again, once on each bridge.

a1_20151031_20151031_LondonRiver_114_6000 x 4000

The two pedestrian bridges enclose the railway bridge, Hungerford Bridge.

a1_20151031_20151031_LondonRiver_129_6000 x 4000

There are plenty of views away from the cables and barriers, so take your time and enjoy!

a1_20151031_20151031_LondonRiver_124_6000 x 4000

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Gnasher at Work

a1_20151103_20151103_untitled_016_6000 x 4000

Graffiti artist Gnasher has added a very striking face to the substation in Tib Street, Manchester.

Back in 1985 some well-known graffiti artists worked in Gnasher’s hometown of Harlow in Essex which encouraged his desire to be involved in art and design.  He went on to study and work in this field, focusing on graphic design, but in 2009 a friend invited him for a graffiti day out now he is most definitely a happy and skilled graffiti artist.

a1_20151103_20151103_untitled_015_6000 x 4000

For more street art faces take a look here.

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Odd Mannequin

a1_20151118_20151118_untitled_055_4000 x 6000

A bright copy of the Manneken Pis

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