P is for… Puddles

It’s that time of year!

But even puddles can hold pleasant surprises…




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Boy oh Boy


This gorgeous boy is the son of French graffiti artist Akse.  He has been spray painting murals since 1992 and has been based in Manchester since 1997 – lucky Manchester!


Akse specialises in freehand photo-realistic portraits – they are such accurate portrayals that it is impossible to comprehend that they are created in situ using spray paint.  On the other side of this block is the Mandela portrait I featured a few weeks ago.

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What a Chihuly!


This 5.5 metre tall, vivacious and vibrant sculpture currently stands on display in Berkeley Square in London.



It is made of 1573 hand blown pieces, took 5 days to install and weighs 2000 kg.  It is, of course, by the well-known glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.



This particular piece, known as The Sun, has been displayed previously in museums and gardens around the world, including New York City, San Francisco, La Jolla and Montreal.

For more Chihuly images, see Pink Chihuly and Glass Fantasia.

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Hats off to Cologne

Spotted in a shop in Cologne

Spotted in a shop in Cologne


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Silent Sunday



One photo, no words for Silent Sunday.

Silent Sunday







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Monochrome Mediterranean


Off the coast of Marseille


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Relaxing in the Shade


It was hot in Ljubljana last Sunday – shade was a luxury.

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