National Dog Day

It was National Dog Day yesterday, 26 August.  I can’t believe I missed it but, not to be deterred, here is a belated recognition of the day. I have selected images from a few of my favourite dog posts from the last year or so.


Loyal Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh

Bobby, the skye terrier with the now famously shiny nose, remained loyal to his dead friend, lying by his grave for many years…  read more

Memorial to a famous sailor in Jubilee Square, Simonstown, Western Cape

Memorial to a famous sailor in Jubilee Square, Simonstown, Western Cape

This famous Great Dane, friend of sailors and a keen train spotter, is the only dog to have served in the Royal Navy…  read more

George the Dog

George the Dog

George the Dog helped turn around someone’s life, from living on the streets to displaying his art in a London gallery…  read more

I couldn’t finish this post without including my own dog Barney, who is sadly no longer with us.

Boating on the Norfolk Broads with my darling Barney

Boating on the Norfolk Broads with Barney the dog and my daughter

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A Beer Behemoth at Beermoth


Beermoth is a popular specialist beer shop on Tib Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  I have to give them top marks for the name and the sign, as well as for their great selection of beer (and nothing but beer).  As well as selling bottles of the good stuff, they also offer tasting sessions and beer-related talks.

Beermoth, 70 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LG.

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Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday – on Wednesdays all over the internet bloggers post a photo with no words to explain it.

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Streets of Venice


You may think Venice is all water, but in fact it is the perfect place for walkers.  There are numerous streets, paths and alleys, and just a little effort will soon take you off the beaten path.  If you’re lucky your chosen path will lead to a bright open square or a pretty bridge, though sometimes it will lead to a dead end: either a solid wall or open water.  This one had a perfect arched bridge.

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A Weakness for Cheese


The creamy goats cheeses in this Paris shop window were calling to me: eat me, eat me.  Whether your preference is a Boucanier, a Fontenille or a Saint Maure de Touraine, this shop has it. There’s also a good choice of butter and some wonderful burrata.  And just look at that cheese cake near the top of the display…

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H is for… Hold On Tight



I know the Brighton Pier sign needs to shine bright…


…but this is not the job for me!

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Who Got the Other Half?


Madrid sense of humour

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