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Thank You… Very Inspiring Blogger Award

inspiring blogger

Many thanks to The Sexy Politico for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I posted my first blog on Travel with Intent on  18 January this year so I am hugely honoured to receive an award so soon.

So, 7 things about me – well where do I start?

1. I work crazy hours, but I love it and I get to see the world a bit while I’m working;

2. I’m just about to change jobs so I hope my hours won’t be so crazy;

3. I was once a librarian;

4. Three of my favourite books are Little Women, Time Traveller’s Wife and Northern Lights;

5. I am a shopaholic;

6. I love learning languages;

7. I love animals, especially horses and dogs, … and donkeys, ..and elephants.

Now 15 blogs that I would like to nominate.  Before I started my own blog I had no idea just how many fascinating and beautiful blogs there are out there.  Here are my 15 favourites so far:

Little Miss Frenchified

Hollis Plample

The Squeaky Robot

Being Mrs Carmichael

What We like NYC

Fashion Medley


My Wall

The Urge to Wander

Canoe and Communications

Wind against Current  (especially for Johna’s post on Colette, though I love it all)

A Gringo’s life in Cusco

Cindy Knoke

Clouds of Colour

The Matilda Project

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