Home for Hyraxes

This Rock Hyrax, or Dassie, has a stunning home in the rocky crevices high up on Table Mountain.

Table Mountain, 2005 - Home for a Rock Hyrax 100_0432 Dassie The hyrax is one of the four living species of the order Hyracoidea. The closest living relatives to hyraxes are modern day elephants (hard to believe, I know).  Hyraxes are known for their sentry-like behaviour where one or more of them takes up position on a vantage point and issues alarm calls at the approach of a possible predator.  I saw no sign of this, however; they were all just too busy sunbathing!

In Kenya, you can find Tree Hyraxes.  The name is a giveaway so I won’t explain where they live.  Here’s a photo instead:

Tree Hyrax, Kenya, 2007


5 thoughts on “Home for Hyraxes

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am constantly amazed at the breadth and excellence of people’s blogs. I didn’t really expect that, ad I certainly didn’t expect to meet so many great people with like interests. Where is next on your trip?


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