B is for… Boat

Whenever I visit Tarragona, I like to pop down to the fishermen’s district, El Serallo.



It is home to a well known fish market, and many fish and seafood restaurants. The area has undergone much renovation work in the last few years, whilst still maintaining its atmosphere. It now boasts a very pleasant seafront promenade from which to admire the fishing boats. To my mind, there is nothing better than a stroll along the front taking in the colourful boats and watching the fishermen at work, followed by eating some of their produce.

I especially like the little boats with the large, clumsy-looking lights for night fishing.


aDSC02466 aDSC02465

And the little dumpy boats:

aDSC02476 aDSC02477

And the bigger working boats:

aDSC02472 aDSC02464

I hope you enjoyed my boat selection!

Posted as part of Frizztext’s Tagged B Challenge.

10 thoughts on “B is for… Boat

  1. I “did” enjoy your boats. We have something similar not far from my place and it’s called “Fisherman’s Wharf” like in San Francisco. We buy salmon, sole, crab, etc. fresh off the boats.

    abcw team


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