History in the Round


There is bronze sundial in Trinity Square Gardens, just outside Tower Hill underground station.  It tells the time, obviously, but it also tells history; around the base are engravings of key events in London’s history, from AD43 to the present day.

To read about the sundial itself go to What Time Is It?

Linked to the Thursday Special Non-Challenge and Sundays in my City.


18 thoughts on “History in the Round

  1. Not only are this rich and beautiful – but my boys are studying British lit this year and so next week when we dive back in to the books – well I am going to have them explore this post a bit – nice. 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful post! I didn’t know anything about this sundial and it is so cool! What amazing design work and metal smithing. Your shots are terrific. Thank you!


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