Five go for a Walk

Today is my 1 year blogaversary.  I have enjoyed this year so much more than I imagined, and have discovered a whole new world of exciting blogs and bloggers – a veritable family of supporters and friends.  So how appropriate that the Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Family.

Blogging has helped me develop my interest in photography and allowed me to share my obsession with travel and travel photography.  This week I am sharing one of my favourite photos of one of my favorite animals.   Sitting quietly on my veranda on holiday in Botswana last year, my reading was disturbed by splashing and scrunching sounds.  Here are the culprits:


This happy, orderly family of five marched on past…

…followed a minute or so later by a somewhat recalcitrant teenager:



You might think he is running, but he was having none of that – he was ambling slowly on the most circuitous route he could find!

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29 thoughts on “Five go for a Walk

  1. I’m playing catch up since I got back from the Algarve and was trying to whizz thru my reader, but just had to stop to say Happy Birthday to your blog 🙂 Keep em coming!


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