From Nose Jobs to Bottom Lifts

This week, Cee has prompted us to feature smooth objects as part of her Fun Foto Challenge.

Some things become smooth even if they don’t start out that way; take poor old Greyfriars Bobby’s nose, for example:

Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh

In 2013, there was a  Stop People Rubbing Greyfriars Bobby’s Nose – It is not a Tradition Facebook campaign that resulted in Edinburgh City Council arranging restoration of said nose.

“As one of the most famous – and most popular – statues in the capital, it’s only right that he looks his best at all times.  Once we became aware of the local concern it was clear that we had to act and I’m delighted we’ve been able to get specialists in to restore Greyfriars Bobby to his former glory.” – Councillor Richard Lewis

Experts were brought in to clean, re-patinate and wax the affected area.  Unfortunately, the nose job was only temporary; within days it was smooth and shiny once again!  Police believe this was not due to mere lucky rubbing, but to deliberate use of scouring materials and a criminal investigation was launched.  I don’t know if the culprits were ever apprehended.

Now, I have to tell you that this rubbing-until-smooth habit does not affect noses alone. Look at this poor man’s bottom.

El Vecino Curioso, Madrid

Maybe this is how it happens?

Castellers, Tarragona

10 thoughts on “From Nose Jobs to Bottom Lifts

  1. Very cute and funny, Debbie. The problem is that sculpture just begs to be touched. I remember in the 70’s being in Paris at the Rodin museum and wanting to touch everything. Of course, it was forbidden, but I did take a surreptitious touch once or twice. 🙂



    1. Indeed, and I have to say I prefer Bobby with the shiny nose. It shows he’s appreciated and that people interact with him ( but I assure you I was not the person scrubbing him with a Brillo pad!)


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