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Lilies at Easter


Easter lilies, along with cute chicks and bunnies and chocolate eggs, have become an emblem of Easter and they were out in force at the Columbia Road Flower Market this Easter Sunday.

Churches are filled with floral arrangements of these beautiful white flowers on Easter morning, their colour representing purity, hope and resurrection.

The lily normally associated most with Easter is the Lilium longiflorum, with a long trumpet-like flower whose petals make a star shape.  The Calla Lily (a lily imposter in fact as it’s actually part of the Araceae family) is also strongly associated with Easter.  Its bright white cup-shaped flower and bright yellow spadix meet all the Easter requirements.


Yellow Calla Lilies at Columbia Road Flower Market, London

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  1. Wonderful picture of the Calla Lilies! We named our cat Calla Lily, for her delicate soft coloring and the way she peeked through a pot of lilies the first Easter right after we brought her home.


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