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Does the message above mean anything to you?

Whether you’re a keen texter and smart phone user, or a bit of a technophobe, I hope the following silly text messages will get your weekend off to a good start.

A mother informs her child by text that their 'great aunt just passed away LOL'

Misinterpretation: One woman misinterprets her child's response to 'What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean'?

Oops! Meanwhile, a father's caring text to his son backfires as he texts the device that has been left behind

Where are you? Meanwhile, another woman seemingly forgets she has taken her child to Walmart with her

A mother accidentally writes a text in Chinese

As the mother of a teenager I particularly like this last one.

One mother plays a prank on her son to make sure he is receiving her texts

Hope they made you a smile.

For more of the same, see this Daily Mail article.

I hope this post hit the nail on the head (HTNOTH) for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.


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  1. Haha! Getting stuck in Chinese mode is a very REAL possibility (coming from an expat living in Hong Kong) 😉
    Have you seen the memes on autocorrects. Some of them are hilarious!


  2. I’m really bad with my close friends, and it was worse while I was living in Korea, luckily my friends knew what I was trying to get across there. My friends at home, not so much.


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