Is Etiquette a Relic of the Past?

I bet everyone knows at least one person that stays glued to their mobile phone when they should really be paying attention to you.  Does your significant other feel the irresistible urge to tweet or browse when you’re at dinner? Does your best friend ignore you to send urgent texts?

Do you just put this down to Progress and accept that politeness is a bygone relic?  Or do you shout about it like the artist below?


Micah Purnell is predominantly a text based Artist and Graphic Designer with an array of exhibitions, commissions and awards to his name.  You’ll have seen his work around without knowing it – on magazine and album covers, store signs and even on t-shirts.  The piece above, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, is part of Purnell’s Dear Progress project, in which 21 Manchester billboards displayed messages that were inspired by the book Affluenza.

Linked to Monday Mellow Yellows and Monday Mural.

16 thoughts on “Is Etiquette a Relic of the Past?

  1. Progress seems to win some gound and loses others. We may gain the ability to have knowledge at the click of a Google, but we’re losing the art of clicking with the environment. Great photo.


    1. We are certainly communicating differently these days. Youngsters seem to text constantly. But does it ruin or just change our verbal communications. I don’t have the answer!


      1. Hmm, I wonder…. And I seem to recall an article where business people were saying it was difficult to recruit people of the right calibre because of issues with communication skills….


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