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Bir-Hakeim Bridge from above


The bridge at the bottom of this shot is the Bir-Hakeim, a 2-level bridge taking metro trains on the top and cars, cycles and pedestrians below.

The bridge is beautiful from ground level, with its rows of pillars and huge lamps, but from up here (the Eiffel Tower needless to say) you can appreciate its size and overall structure.

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  1. Reblogged this on An Upturned Soul and commented:
    You know that saying – A picture is worth a thousand words – well, this photograph is worth a thousand memories to me. Every pixel teems with stories for me – including misadventures on a mobilette, such as almost being detained as a possible teenage terrorist because I was driving erratically – and my first time passing out at a party and waking up the following day with no idea where I was, which was at the Australian Embassy residence (close to the bridge).
    The Bir-Hakeim bridge is one which I refer to as the Passy bridge, as the Which Way? that I went was from the Eiffel tower side – where I lived and went to school – to the other side, which is an area known as Passy – where I socialised after school and at the weekends hanging out at a little cafe-bar which was tucked almost underneath the bridge just after it made landfall. Yes, I went the other way too, retraced my steps (or took the metro) to get home, but in my mind my movement was towards Passy even when I was moving away from it.
    The halfway point across the bridge, the part which looks a bit like the prow of a ship and felt like one too when you stood looking out at the Seine, is a place which holds a special memory. The last time I saw a very good friend of mine, we sat on the prow of that imaginary ship, talking about the meaning of life and the currents which flow through it and carry us here and there, near and far. My friend was being carried across an ocean by the currents of life and I was staying put before being carried off elsewhere. We knew that we probably would never see or speak to each other again, so in that last conversation we were more honest with each other than we had ever been before – similar to the way that strangers are, as soon we would be strangers once again.
    The memories which this photograph captures for me are mostly sweet, at least they are now viewed from the height of living in the future and looking back at the past – a past whose details are lost due to distance, yet the overall structure of it can be perceived in a way now which it could not be seen then, as everything was up close and personal.
    A beautiful photograph, from a gifted photographer and traveler, who shares views, captured as she flows along the current of her life, on her stunning blog.
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you for taking the time to share your memories – I’m glad it brought back happy ones. I think I know the cafe bar you mean. It is a beautiful bridge and a lovely area, not full of tourists despite its proximity to the Eiffel Tower


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