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Old Shop, Fresh Cakes

La Mallorquina, on Puerta del Sol,  may be one of the oldest cake shops in Madrid, but its cakes are certainly fresh.

a_DSC8240 They are also very tasty, judging by the queues inside.

a1_20141119__DSC8239_6000 x 4000

It has been a Madrid institution since it was founded in 1894 and its popularity shows no signs of waning.


Even getting close to the window displays can be a challenge.  I had hoped to get inside during my trip in March this year to try out the seasonal torrijas, but the place was packed, and I had to make do with reading about the Lady of the Cakestorrija tastings in Toledo.

For all you cake lovers, here’s a final peek at the window displays, and I’ll try harder to taste the wares on my next trip.

a1_20141119__DSC8241_6000 x 4000

La Mallorquina, Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, 2. 28013 Madrid

For the complete antithesis of this traditional shop, take a look at this modern, and very pink, method of selling cakes!

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