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Old Reflected in New


Reflection of the Narodna Galerija

Slovenia’s National Gallery, Narodna Galerija, is housed in what was originally the Slovenian Cultural Centre – you can still see the name Narodni Dom etched high above the entrance.

It was designed by the Czech architect František Škabrout and was built in 1896, during the mayorship of Ivan Hribar, whose ambition was to transform Ljubljana into a representative capital of all the Slovene Lands.


You’ll find it just around the corner from the Opera, on the way to Tivoli Park.  It is currently undergoing renovation, so if you’re visiting  do check out the website for the best access route; not all entrances are open.

Linked to Weekend Reflections and Geometric Friday.

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  1. I am sitting here trying to work out how you did the first one… is it natural reflection or have you made it? Both as a straight shot or photo art… it is really beautiful..


  2. I have been to Ljubljana back in 1998. It was such a beautiful city. I am sure it is much more beautiful now. I always love to see the relationship of the old urban tissue to the new one. Nice photo…


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