Serene Serenissima and the Case of the Noisy Wheels

Serene Serenissima

Dawn is the time to find a calm and peaceful Venice.  Once the cruise ships and tourist buses arrive, peace seems a thing of the past.

A particular noise problem, much hated by the locals, is that of wheely suitcases being hauled across Venice’s cobbled pavements and bumped up and down the stepped bridges.  There is talk of these cases being banned from May 2015, but the practicality of such a ban (and the associated 500 Euro fine) is under question.  If you’re buying a new suitcase, though, it’s worth considering getting one with soft wheels.  Ban or no ban, at least you’ll be popular with Venetians and the residents of other similarly inflicted tourist towns.

There are, of course, bigger problems than suitcases in Venice – read about the cruise liners that pass through the Giudecca Canal here.

21 thoughts on “Serene Serenissima and the Case of the Noisy Wheels

  1. My first thought was .. what the h… as I live in a very noisy neighbourhood where lives of residents are not respected at all, but coming to think of it those poor Venetians must really get sick of the tourists. Debbie, this is the most beautiful serenity I have seen for the challenge 🙂


  2. My friends in Venice think this is all a big furphey (groundless rumour). But, who knows?

    There are many more serious problems to be solved in this beautiful city, those huge cruise ships that go down the Giudecca Canal, for starters.


  3. Banning wheeled suitcases and having people abide by that would be quite a challenge. With cobbled streets I guess there are just some things that have to be tolerated.


      1. I agree with keeping disruption down to a minimum too but this does seem like overkill! Plus the supermarket deliveries are much noisier on their clattering metal trolleys at 6am in the morning! I don’t even remember ever seeing soft wheeled suitcases so someone might have to invent them first and in the meantime its another idea to join the tickets to Venice suggestion I suspect! Personally I’d much rather see the cruise ships banned than suitcases, as they are more damaging.


    1. Oh yes, don’t get me started on cruise ships! Worse than road trains by miles! And a disaster for such a small place as Venice. The tourists that pile off these ships never get to know the real Venice – even if they had the desire they don’t have the time.

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  4. Totally serene. But I understand the frustration with the suitcases. Cobbled streets are the worst! Not sure how they could enforce a ban, though a €500 fine would make ME swap to a rucksack 🙂


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