St Albans Signal Box


I’m not a railway enthusiast, but every time I pass this Grade II listed signal box, I have to admire its style.

This smart little building was constructed in 1892 by the Midland Railway, replacing an earlier box on the site, when the line was expanded from two to four tracks.  It is a wooden structure with a slate roof and heavy glazed windows and has no foundations.  It has undergone a few changes in its life to keep pace with signalling and track changes, and a toilet was added in 1963. The structure and its interior fittings were listed in 1979 and the box was closed in 1980.


After a period of decline, it is now cared for by a local group and his been renovated and painted in this smart livery – it possibly gleams when the sun shines.  So much so, I had to stop to take a couple of photos on my morning commute.


St Albans City station is just 20 minutes north of St Pancras. If you’d like to see this little gem, it stands in clear view as you draw into the station.  It is open to visitors once or twice a month – details here.

Linked to Ruby Tuesday and Mellow Yellow.

21 thoughts on “St Albans Signal Box

  1. I don’t know if I’m a RR enthusiast as such, but I DO love seeing old buildings that have been preserved—especially unusual or unexpected building like this one. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I can see why this calls to u as u pass by it = and your three photo shad so many cool lines – power lines, shrub verticals, window frame – chimneys, fence – just rich and layered – and love the red for ruby tues.

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