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Vimto on a Grand Scale


Vimto is a soft drink created in 1908 in a warehouse at Chapel Street in Manchester.  It was originally marketed as an invigorating health tonic and was called Vim Tonic, but it was registered as a cordial in 1913.


In 1992 a monument to the fruity drink was erected at the original production site, now in the university area of Manchester.  The giant bottle, grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants were all carved from wood by Kerry Morrison.


Sadly, the Manchester weather and over exuberant revellers took their toll on the sculpture and in less than 20 years it looked a pretty sad affair, cracked, swollen and blackened.

Local company, Acorn Furniture, were commissioned to restore the piece and after a complex project, the resulting renovated and strengthened monument was reinstalled in 2011.


As you can see, it dominates this green patch on Granby Row.



Linked to Scale.

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  1. glad they were able to restore these fine wood artworks – and your post really gives us a feel for the scale – and now I just wander what “vimto” tastes like… with all those fruits – mmmm


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