From Hotel Fieubet to Ecole Massillon


These red doors and ornate facade on the Quai des Célestins belong to the Hôtel de Fieubet.  The intricate detail is utterly fascinating and the bright doors demand your attention.  There is history here too.

In 1676 the original Hotel d’Herbault was sold to Gaspard de Fieubet, chancellor to Marie-Thérèse, who had Jules Hardouin-Mansart renovate the hotel, all of it except for the part pictured above.  The Hotel stayed in the family until 1758 by which time it was in a sad state of repair. M. Adrien de la Valette came to rescue and with the help of Jules Gros he undertook a massive restoration project.  Much of the original was maintained, especially in the inner courtyard, but extra ornamentation was added to the exterior on both Quai des Célestins and Rue du Petit Musc.

Unfortunately money ran out and the building was once again left to deteriorate. In 1877 it as rescued by M. l’abbé Nouvelle and it became the Ecole Massillon.  It forms part of that school to this day.

Posted by Debbie Smyth, February 2015aDSC_0636_pp

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