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Vienna’s Arty Canal

I wonder how many cites in the world have a canal?   Not a statistic easily findable through Google and Wikipedia, but  certainly all of the cities I have been to recently.

Vienna is no exception , with the Donau Canal forming the missing side of the ringroad, or Ringstrasse.

This is no quaint canal with tiny dwellings or with  small restaurants with outdoor tables and chintzy tablecloths.  Rather, it is a wide canal with bold new buildings, striking street art and ferries eager to transport you to foreign parts.  I imagine it has a lively bar scene down here in summer.

If you fancy a complete contrast  to the striking but formal architecture of the old town, then take a short diversion to the canal.  It really is just a quick walk away and in autumn you’ll have the place pretty much to yourself.

a1_20150313_20150313__DSC2009_6000 x 4000

For today’s walk, we’ll start in the Stadtpark, where we’ll take time to marvel at the exuberant statue of Johann Strauss, before following the Wienfluss north to the canal.

a1_20150313_20150313__DSC2018_6000 x 4000

When the Wienfluss runs out of steam, pop up onto the street from the waterside, cross the road and go down the side of Urania onto the Donau Canal towpath.

a1_20150313_20150313__DSC2058_6000 x 4000

From here you can wander east along the south bank, past the Twin City ferry boarding point, then cross the canal at the Salztor Brucke and head back west on the north towpath.  As it’s a canal, this is flat, easy walking and there is street art to entertain you along the way.

a1_20150312_20150312__DSC1817_6000 x 4000

If you want a lunch or teatime break, I highly recommend the Motto am Fluss cafe above the Twin City ferry terminal on the south bank.

For your ultimate destination, especially if the sun is setting and you fancy a drink with views, head to the bar at the top of the Sofitel on the north bank.  I can assure you that you’ll be there a while to absorb the views.


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  1. I just love street art Debbie and you’ve captured it so well. Love the colours! 😀

    The statue of Johan Strauss is absolutely striking and what a great shot! I also love the arch around him. It’s really beautiful. 😀

    Thanks for this very interesting tour and gorgeous captures. I truly enjoyed. 😀 ♥


  2. I can see the artists creating to Strauss’ music even though much of the art may seem dark rather than light. There’s just something about the rhythm of the art that reminds me of Strauss’ music. 🙂


  3. What an interesting area, and amazing street art. I visited Vienna years ago, but don’t remember seeing any canals. Thanks for sharing some of this beautiful city with us.


    • There is so much to see in the Old Town that it takes a second visit, or a long visit, to see things like the canal

      On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 10:34 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:



  4. Hej there! The Donaukanal is indeed a very nice place, especially during the summer. There is just one thing i have to mention…the Mozart statue is at the Burggarten not at the Stadtpark. So, the guy on your picture is actually Johann Strauss junior. Cheers! : )


  5. I like the statue of Mozart and some of the wall art is pretty funky!
    There is a canal in Ontario amongst the farms of the infamous Holland Marsh, known for the vegetables grown there in deep black soil.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Debbie.


  6. I can see there’s much more to Vienna than I imagined, Debbie. Love that zingy Mozart statue but the first of your street art images is my favourite. And Charlie Brown is always irresistible 🙂 Many thanks for your company and link. Will Berlin be turning up some time soon? 🙂 🙂


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