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Panoramic Venice

Every now and then a view just demands that I use the panorama setting on my camera to capture in all its wide-angled beauty.  The Venice lagoon was one such place.  So here it is in all its glory:

a1_20140518_aDSC05412_8192 x 1856-3

And here it is again, blighted by one of those monstrous cruise ships that carve their way through here on a regular basis.

a1_20140521_DSC05866_8192 x 1856-2

panorama   –   from the Greek πᾶν = all   +   ὅραμα = sight

Unfortunately, this blog layout doesn’t do panorama shots justice, so you’ll need to click on them to see them full screen.


Part of Paula’s Thursday Special challenge.

Copyright Debbie Smyth, 9 April 2015








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  1. I wouldn’t mind if the ships themselves were beautiful, but these days cruise ships just look like container ships with windows. Bring back Tall Ships I say!!


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