Fifteen Years On, part two

Well, 14¾ to be precise.

This week I am back at the Wobbly Bridge – the one that opened in June 2000 and then had to close because it wobbled too much!

Cardinal Guzman has challenged us to return to the place we visited back in January and capture the same architectural elements, now in the light of a Northern Spring and with new eyes (well, eyes a few months older at least).  (My January post is here.)

a1_20150410__DSC3017_4000 x 6000-3

So here I am, under the Wobbly Bridge, gazing up at the dome of St Paul’s.

a1_20150410__DSC3010_6000 x 4000-3

a1_20150410__DSC3015_6000 x 4000-3

Then I walked up to the Cathedral and look what was standing in front of it, along with all the tourists – a strange, green, slightly spotty sheep (you’ll have to take my word for the colour of course).

a1_20150410__DSC2996_4000 x 6000

Linked to Sunday Special.

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