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Sunny Stroll along the Salzach

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The sun greeted me as I rolled into Salzburg by train from Bratislava, via Vienna.  It was a smooth journey (apart from turning up at the wrong station in Bratislava!) and after a chilly, damp and grey Slovakia, it was a delight to see the sun.

I couldn’t check in fast enough at my hotel, dumping my bags and setting off immediately for a walk to the Altstadt.  My hotel was a pleasant 15 minute walk from the striking, curvy Karolinenbrücke, the southernmost road bridge in Salzburg.

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Crossing the bridge towards the Altstadt, I resisted the urge to head straight towards the castle, and dropped down instead to the riverside pathway.  The opposite side of the Salzach is lined with pretty pastel-coloured buildings, and a little further along sun-lovers were reclining on the grassy banks.

a1_20150505_20150505__DSC6861_6000 x 4000

A very pleasant walk took me the short distance to the pedestrian Mozartsteg, and a quick coffee stop at the conveniently-positioned hut at this end of the bridge.

a1_20150505_20150505__DSC6867_6000 x 4000

This is a good point from which to head away from the river into Mozartplatz, but stay with me a little longer as we continue along the river.

The next bridge is the central Staatsbrücke, the tenth bridge to stand in this spot.  This incarnation was started in 1939 and opened in 1948.  The lengthy build time was due to the Second World War, and the city has recently acknowledged that much of the work was carried out using slave labour from Eastern Europe.

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We’ll stay on this side of the river a little longer, as it’s now just a short stroll to the next bridge, the pedestrian Makartsteg,  brightly decorated with the ever-present love locks.

a1_20150506_20150506__DSC7006_6000 x 4000-2

We’re going to cross this bridge, because there is a delightful and famous spot on the other side, just behind those buildings on the left.

a1_20150506_20150506__DSC7013_6000 x 4000

Here it is.  We’ll end our walk here, at the beautifully baroque Mirabell Gardens, that featured in the Sound of Music.

Linked to Jo’s Monday Walks.
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  1. With the wisteria fully out, by the looks 🙂 So much nicer in sunshine, Debs, and I really like that Mozartsteg. Reminds me of a red bridge in Girona. We were on a day trip from the lakes so didn’t see all that much of the riverside. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂


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