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Indian Vibrancy with Chinese Heritage

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1199_6000 x 4000-2

If you’ve been planning a spot of exterior decoration at home, this could be your paint palette – the building carries a staggering multitude of vibrant colours.

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1205_4000 x 6000

After all, why try to choose just one colour?

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1201_6000 x 4000

This vibrant building stands in Little India, in Singapore.  It is actually one of the surviving Chinese villas in this area and was built back in 1900 by Ten Tang Niah, the owner of several sweet-making factories and a rubber smokehouse.  This large eight-roomed villa certainly demonstrates his financial success.

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1206_6000 x 4000

The house is a combination of Southern Chinese and European architectural style.  In its original state, there were carriage doors leading into a courtyard and the main entrance had richly carved decorative swinging doors.  The first floor overhangs the ground floor to provide the sheltered walkway, known as a five-foot way, that was a common design feature.

Now, don’t imagine that his commercial interest in confectionary led to the bright colouring scheme, the house back then was calm traditional whitewash.

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1208_6000 x 4000-3

This grand house gradually fell into disrepair and it was not renovated until the late 1980s (the sign shown above has an image of the house in 1983) when the Little India area rescued it.  The vivacious colour scheme was eventually  added as part of that work and it certainly now fits in with the other buzzing décor in the area.

a1_20150720_20150720__DSC1199_6000 x 4000

The Residence of Tan Teng Niah, Singapore, July 2015

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  1. What an amazing building. I don’t think you can fail to feel happy when you look at it. I love colour but that might be just a little much for me. Thanks for sharing it. #MySundayPhoto


    • A very friendly place, families would be most welcome. And youngsters would cope better with the humidity than us adults!

      On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:



  2. These are so beautiful! Love the interplay of the colours. It feels so friendly and welcoming. I really want to go and visit the place now! I’m pinning this on my Travel Bucket – hope you don’t mind. x #MySundayPhoto


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