Indigo Mosque

a1_20150422_20150422__DSC5129_6000 x 4000-2
Blue Mosque at dawn, Istanbul, April 2015

#5d76cb color image

A colourful note: the colour indigo was named after the indigo dye derived from the Indigofera tinctoria plant.  India is believed to be the oldest centre of indigo dyeing in the Old World: the association of India with indigo is reflected in the Greek word for the dye, which was indikon.  From 1778, Guatemala was considered one of the world’s foremost providers of indigo, and El Salvador has lately been named the biggest producer.

The first known use of indigo as a colour term in English was in 1289 and it became a crayola colour in 1999 – quite late for a rainbow colour!

aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 16 February 2016



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8 thoughts on “Indigo Mosque

  1. When I think of the “blue hour” I always imagine it at dusk; it never occurred to me to do it at dawn. It is my favourite hour for cityscapes. This is lovely with eye-catching composition.


    1. Thanks Paula I had never really appreciated Blue hour until I did the dawn workshops. Now I use the Sun Surveyor App to find the time for blue hour wherever I am!

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