Mango Tango with Pippi

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The super-strong, super-assertive and red-headed child, Pippi Longstocking, is loved around the world. The first book featuring her was published in Sweden in 1945 and her creator, Astrid Lindgren (1907–2002), rapidly earned fame.  The first novel was translated into English and released in the USA as early as 1949 and the continued popularity is evident in the continued publications.  The Pippi books have since been translated into at least 70 languages and as recently as 2007, Oxford University Press in Britain released a revised translation with new illustrations by Lauren Child.

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Lindgren wrote many other books with many beloved characters and a large number of these have been published around the world.

She was not just a loved and famous author, she was a strong supporter of a number of good causes, including child protection; she was outspoken and much admired by many.

If you would like to know more about her and her works,  there is a great website devoted to the author, containing a mass of information, including a photographic tour of the Stockholm apartment that she lived in from 1941 until her death in January 2002.  Her funeral was arranged for March to coincide with International Women’s Day and the streets of Stockholm were crowded with people following the cortege through the city to her burial place.


Hex colour reference: FF8243

A colourful note:  this bright and bold shade of orange, which seems such a perfect match for Pippi’s hair, was issued by Crayola in 2003 under the name Mango Tango.  That year was the 100th anniversary of the Crayola company, but sadly, it also marked the closure of the Crayola factory in Bedford in England.


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  1. She is still one of my favourites (Pippi). Growing up with long red hair, a lot of freckles, hot temper, really disliked injustice and a mouth that just wouldn’t be quiet you can probably understand me 😀


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