a1_20090822_100_2155_2832 x 2128
Signage in Yucca, Arizona,  2009

Whoa is a familiar word to all of us horse riders, often used in plentitude, depending on the nature of the horse and the amount of control that we manage to deploy!  It is also used as a greeting, to express surprise or interest, or to command attention.  It derived from late Middle English, as a variant of ho.

#ee204d color imageHex colour refrence:  #ee204d

A colourful note:  the red colour appeared in the original Crayola set of crayons in 1903.

What else can I say about the classic colour?   Warmth, positivity, action, energy, seduction, strength, passion, anger, heat, WHOA…



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 24 March 2016




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