Bleached in the Sun

Kew Gardens has an attractive lake with 4 small islands which especially warrants a wander on a sunny day.  The curvy bridge across the lake, has a shimmer and grace that matches the water and the soft, verdant banks.  Both its attractive design and practical use make it a popular spot for all ages.

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The lake itself did not make its appearance until 1856, when the park director decided to provide an ‘open flow of water through a portion of the Pleasure Grounds’.   It was entirely viewed as a beautiful addition, and his son extended and softened it, saying he was trying to make the ‘very ugly lake an ornamental piece of water’.

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The bridge, known as the Sackler Crossing, only arrived in 2006.  It forms part of a walking route that connects the Japanese Minka House  and rhododendron and bamboo gardens to the Temperate House and Marianne North Gallery.

The low, curving walkway is made of black granite, edged with a barrier made of vertical, flat bronze posts. From certain angles this appears to be a solid fence, but once on the bridge you can peer through the gaps with ease and appreciate the water and its happy wildlife.

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Sackler Crossing in Kew Gardens, on a rare sunny day in June 2016


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