Look what I did last Saturday

Aerial view of Mont St Michel,  September 2016

Much to the surprise of many people, and very much to my own amazement, I made a dawn ultralight flight over Mont St Michel.

Feeling just a little nervous before boarding

It was a breathtaking experience – both physically and emotionally.  Raising your visor when flying into the wind really does make breathing tricky, but that’s the only way to take photographs!


The views were wonderful, the flight was smooth and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Twenty minutes at around 900 feet is a truly exciting way to spend dawn, and an experience I intend to repeat.

Heading back to land


How to follow in my wings:

Fly with Didier Hulin at ULM-Mont-Saint-Michel

Do a photo workshop in Normandy & Brittany with Tim Mannakee (or one of his other great trips)


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 24 September 2016



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21 thoughts on “Look what I did last Saturday

  1. 2 kewl fer skewl see…i know evryone that trys this sport loves it …..
    glad ya had a good ride…am sure ya will want to do it again sumday!…
    now i am inspired again to go out an get flying again …soon! .Q


    1. I can usually cope with heights if I have something to hold on to. But I was worried I might freak out on this tiny open thing! Great pilot though – he would have taken me back if I had paniced. But it was too wonderful for fear!

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