Pink Scarves Stay Abreast of Fashion

Birger Ruud (ski jumper),  Kongsberg,  Norway,  October 2016

Birger Ruud, one of Kongsberg’s successful ski jumpers, was smartly dressed in a pink scarf earlier this month; as were virtually all the sculptures in the town.

All part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 15 October 2016



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7 thoughts on “Pink Scarves Stay Abreast of Fashion

  1. What a nice way to make peolpe aware of this, it is very visual and you can’t really just walk by without noticing that pink colour.
    It made really great images too with that pink against the blue sky.


    1. I have a few more of these, and another breast cancer pink display from France. Glad you liked the statues – the pink brightened my conference day and I had to pop out at different times to get them as the sun was sometimes in the wrong place!

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