Spot On

Hard at work on Akershusstranda,  Oslo,  October 2016

This bright, spotty piece is the work of a Norwegian stencil artist, Martin Whatson.  The plain grey background adorned with splashing, vibrant colours is typical of his style of street art.




aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 27 October 2016



Part of Thursday Doors


21 thoughts on “Spot On

  1. I know kids would love his art! Is this artwork the whole photo? Because the height of the man does not match the door … or is this a photo edit?
    Are you doing better? it seems am seeing you more on line:)


    1. Hi Jesh This I s a real view (minimal edits). I didn’t see his other work but it seems he did a few other pieces in this area. One was a zebra that I wish I had seen. Im doing fine now. My blog levels depend on how demanding work is and how many other things I’m doing. And how much editing the photos need! X

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    1. It certainly does Night was coming in rapidly as I made this walk and this piece of work brightened this part of the harbour

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